Negotiate smarter with the Repair Estimate Report

The Repair Estimate Report uses the details from your client’s inspection report to create cost estimates you can use during the negotiation process. 

Negotiate smarter with the Repair Estimate Report

Get price estimates on all issues in your inspection report


The Benefit of Porch

PORCH offers you time-saving negotiation tools and provides Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents with assistance during the post-purchase process. 

Faster Negotiations 

With the Repair Estimate Report you can get accurate estimates without the hassle. Eliminate the time it takes to price out repairs after the inspection, and save time on every transaction.


Delighted Clients 

Give the gift of time with the Porch Home Assistant, included with your order of the Repair Estimate Report. Our dedicated support team will help your client with anything they may need during their move-in process. 


How Does It Work?

1. After the inspection is complete, you can order a Repair Estimate Report.

2. Before creation of the Repair Estimate Report begins, Porch will reach out to your client via email, for permission to utilize their inspection report.

3. Our pricing experts utilize local, historical labor & material rate data to generate estimates for the deficiencies identified during the inspection

4. Within 48 hours of receiving your client’s permission, Porch will deliver your report. Once you receive the estimates, you can customize the report by adding items as credit, repair or replacement requests to a shareable Request List.

5. The Porch team will work with your client to ensure they have the help they need during & after their move. This service is included with your order of the Repair Estimate Report.